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Service & Maintenance Programs

Food service equipment will function efficiently when properly maintained, but ignoring daily cleaning and periodic inspections of your equipment may result in poor performance or a very costly repair bill. Many of us learn this lesson when the repair man hands us a bill and proceeds to tell us the problem could have easily been avoided had we maintained our food service equipment properly!!
VSG Equipment Care provides 24/7 service for commercial cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing, and other specialty foodservice equipment. We have the single-point solution for all your commercial kitchen equipment maintenance & repair needs. As a dedicated business partner, we strive to deliver same day commercial kitchen repairs, comprehensive service solutions for all major OEM kitchen equipment brands.
We also do hood, duct and blower motor cleaning. The experts at VSG Equipment Company can assist you with free advice and the best products needed to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Whether your equipment is 10 years old or still under warranty, preventative maintenance will extend the life and performance of your equipment.
Scheduling regular maintenance visits is an excellent and cost-effective solution to reducing the need for repairs. A maintenance program can help restaurant operators spot potential problems, maximize equipment efficiency and avoid the high cost of repairs and replacing spoiled food.
Commercial kitchen equipment is the backbone of any restaurant. However, frequent use and continuous operation inevitably lead to equipment failures and unexpected downtime, greatly impacting a kitchenís productivity and budget.Maintaining kitchen equipment can be compared to changing the oil in your car. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, descaling of water use equipment and calibration of cooking equipment, can drastically increase the useful life of the equipment. The following is an example of the work we would cover for these types of equipment:
 »    Refrigeration: clean condensers and coils
 »    Cooking Equipment: clean burners; calibrate burners and thermostats on appropriate equipment
 »    Steamers and Combi-Ovens: de-scale boilers; calibrate unit
 »    Dish Machines: de-scale booster heater as well as interior of unit; calibrate all float switches; maintain all sensors
 »    Hood & Duct Ė cleaning hood, duct and blower.
Many owners wish to focus on different areas, and our service can be customized to cover whichever areas of their kitchen they would like included.


We have various modules for service

We offer both kind of AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract)
 »   Comprehensive AMC
 »   Non- Comprehensive AMC

Warranty Program

The largest warranty services network covering over 200 OEM brands Taking care of new equipment is important to keep it running. One of the first steps after purchasing new equipment is working with a service partner on equipment still covered under warranty. Equipment Care represents over 200 foodservice equipment OEM brands across the country to provide the best warranty services in the market.


 »   Highly trained technicians.
 »   National service coverage, local response
 »   Easy access to OEM parts stocked at local markets.
 »   Strong relationships with the most popular OEMs and brands

Donít ignore your equipment! Itís trying to tell you something! Be proactive. Keep your equipment running efficiently with the following tips:

Refrigeration, Freezers and Ice Machines:

 »   Make sure door gaskets fit snuggly and are mold and debris free.
 »   Check temperature daily, any fluctuation can be a signal of a more serious problem.
 »   Examine the condenser coil, make sure it is clean and free from dust and debris.
 »   Change the ice machine filter at least once a year.
 »   Be mindful of dump and recovery time, this process should run consistently.

Flat Tops or Griddles:

 »   Use a grill brick to remove debris and to smooth the cooking surface.
 »   Use a good, sharp grill scraper to knock down stubborn stuck food.
 »   Elevate the rear legs 1/2 inch to help exhaust the heat out the flue.
 »   After a thorough cleaning, lightly coat the cooled surface with oil.
 »   Calibrate thermostats every 6 months.
 »   Never use ice to clean a hot grill top, it WILL eventually crack the plate!


 »   Filter the oil, filter the oil, filter the oil!
 »   Use high temp fryer brushes to clean inside the fryer and clear the drain hole when filtering.
 »   Use an adapter bar between two fryers to reduce debris and oil between fryers.
 »   Boil out the fryer tank weekly.
 »   Use degreaser and green scrubbier to maintain cleanliness of the outside of fryers.

Convection Ovens:

 »   Monitor temperature and document fluctuations.
 »   Keep interior and doors free from debris, clean rack rails daily.
 »   Keep pans away from flue area.
 »   Keep interior fan free and clear from debris, especially aluminum foil!!
 »   Use oven cleaner and degreaser on all commercial kitchen equipment surfaces once weekly.

Dish Machines:

 »   Use a delimer regularly. Follow manufacturer directions for using this chemical.
 »   Inspect all spray nozzles, faucets and drains daily.
 »   Check washing and sanitizing temperatures several times daily as many dish machine chemicals are activated by temperature.
 »   Check your grease trap for leaks and flow. We recommend weekly use of a microbial drain and trap cleaner.
 »    Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach.

We also do hood, duct and blower motor cleaning